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The Strategist is a publication of Decision Processes International, a worldwide consulting firm and originators of the Strategic Thinking Process SM

If you want a study, call the other guys. If you want to create a winning strategy, call DPI!

22 The DPI Organisation

DPI is a community of partners. We are an international company and, in every country in which we operate, our professionals are owners and partners in the company. We each have a vital stake in assuring that you obtain the best possible service and results.

Decision Processes International – Leader in Critical Thinking 

Decision Processes International is a worldwide consulting organisation built on the belief that rational or critical thinking is essential to the survival and growth of every enterprise.

We believe it will take excellence in these critical areas of management decision making:

Strategic Thinking Process SM 

Strategic Product Innovation Process SM

Situation Management SM

Strategic Sustainability Thinking Process SM

Strategic Information Management SM

e-Strategy SM

Let us show you how DPI’s processes can take your company’s performance a quantum leap forward by improving your people’s ability to think in these critical areas .

The Strategic Thinking Process SM

The Strategic Thinking Process SM developed by DPI is a living, breathing process which enables senior management to reason through the strategy together to debate the key issues. Evaluate the internal and external environments the organisation will face. Forge a meaningful strategic profile for the future of the company that all agree upon and build an action plan to resolve critical issues in a timely manner.

In corporate “war rooms” around the world, we worked closely with, and observed the thought processes of, skilled strategic thinkers – CEOs of successful major companies – to create the Strategic Thinking Process SM.

We have invested more than thirty years in codifying, refining and validating it through real-world implementation. Its effectiveness has been thoroughly proven in practice, through our work with hundreds of well known companies such as 3M, FedEx Custom Critical, Cancer Treatment Association, Ascendas PTE. LTD, Teckwah Industrial Corp. Ltd, FirstRand Ltd, Air Traffic and Navigation Services, MMI Holdings and Caterpillar, to name but a few.

The process is powerful. The results real and measurable.

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