Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, some people wonder what has happened!  Which category do you fall into?

Were you part of the group of Business Leaders that were waiting for the elections to happen?  Did you waste time on an event that you thought would change your organisations future?  What were you thinking?

Uncertainty, now more than ever, prevails as it’s not clear where it will go or even end.  It is crucially important to be able to take time out and predict where your industry is going in future.  You need to get cracking using a globally tested framework to start predicting the future …jump on board…NOW!

  • Develop the anticipatory skills and maintain awareness of current and potential changes
  • Know what to look for and separating important events from noise
  • See what others are not seeing and leverage it to your advantage
  • Dare to challenge the status quo
  • Don’t only see the change but be the change

Do you and your team have all these skills or capabilities?  Will you be recognised as the Leonardo Da Vinci of your industry?  Join us at this breakfast session and let us show you how you can achieve this and be known as a futurist, pure and simple.  Let DPI help you!

Keynote speaker: Greg Carolin

Topic: The “Da Vinci Future Thinking Code” Unravelled! Unlock the secrets of your future… Now!

Why it is crucial for you to attend:

Getting a clearer understanding:

  • of what tools are available and when to use them
  • how to de-blinker thinking in your business
  • how to develop clear appropriate strategic responses and become the rainmakers in your industry / sandbox
  • how DPI can help you get your team to engage, a new how-to-tool that can demystify the future, practically, tested in the war rooms of over 3000 global organisations, of different sizes and in different industries, can help you rub out old and stale ways of thinking
  • 18 July, 2019
  • 07H00 to 07H45: Networking
  • 07H45 to 08H15: Breakfast (30 min)
  • 08H15 to 10H00: Forum Session
  •  Bryanston Country Club

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Cost R450 for a normal breakfast and R700 for special meals per person applies

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