About Us

We specialize in helping growth-oriented companies worldwide rapidly deploy new revenues streams. This allows them not only to boost their profits, but to do so in a way that also strengthens their stability through diversification. We also help companies to detect, insulate and dominate their competition, especially the stealthy ones that they don’t even exist yet. Essentially, we can add 10 to 20 years of additional life to any company.

What sets us apart

Survival and sustainable growth is
The name of the game right now

However, how does one go forward when stuck within the savage uncertainty of the current day-to-day business climate? How can one find the new strategies that will drive growth and profits in this tough environment, and get to enable your executives to passionately commit to a business strategy that will achieve that goal? With genuine modesty may we suggest that you need to take time out and apply Pure and Simple Critical Thinking to find new strategies that will drive growth and profits for your organization.

Creating New Multiple Revenue Streams for Future Growth

We will assist you to liberate and strengthen critical thinking within your organization, as never before by the application of our world renowned Critical Thinking Processes, as used in corporate war rooms throughout the world. Please see our services that uncover the Critical Thinking Processes that provide an exact road map for future growth and sustainable profitability.

If you feel that your company is just about “consulted out” our unique approach is what you need! Our processes differ dramatically from standard strategic consulting. We believe the answers to the achievement of sustainable growth is in the heads of a company’s executive team. We will download those heads to access that invaluable inherent knowledge.

Innovative ideas for competitive advantage already exist in the heads of your people. They are in-touch with the down-stream issues that drive profits and losses. They bring their practical, technical and industry expertise. The CEO brings wisdom, perspective, and depth of experience. We bring a focused approach – embracing a structured formal process – to enable the CEO and his team to craft the right strategy, within a short time frame that is fully owned by the executive team and not by us (the consultants).

It’s your strategy, not ours.

The CEO of a huge company says it best:

“When it comes to driving future growth, it all comes down to agreement on the Driving Force, and the Business Concept, so that you can develop the Critical Issues from there. It’s very straightforward.
Then, once you’ve gotten down to the Critical Issues, give people the tools to make the right decisions and get things done. If you’re going to tackle complex issues, you’ve got to embed these concepts in your company’s culture”

We respectively request one hour of your time, to discuss your objectives related to developing new revenue streams and profitable growth. We will then provide a full overview of the Critical Thinking Process best suited to that objective…….It will be one of the best time investments you can make…..We await your call!

Our pure and simple processes.

The DPI Strategic Thinking ProcessSM


Applicable to a wide spectrum of organizations, large or small, for profit and non-profit, DPI’s Strategic Thinking Process SM is a rigorous, yet time efficient methodology.

It challenges conventional thinking and the status quo, forcing executives and management into objectives through rigorous debates and conversations they haven’t had before. The result is a game changing strategy, a change of the rules of play and new ideas for revenue generation that unlock an organizations potential for growth.

The intense involvement by all managers creates the much-needed commitment and buy-in necessary for quick implementation required.

Strategic Innovation ProcessesSM

The ability to continuously innovate across all levels of a business is what is separating winners from losers in this fast changing world. Innovation is the fountain of corporate longevity and growth.

DPI’s Strategic Product Innovation ProcessSM ensures that an organization wishing to maintain dominance in its industry has an ongoing, learn-able and repeatable process for aggressive new-product and service creation. The new-to-the market products and services paves way for a totally new customer base.

Rapid commercialization ensures that the payback on innovation $$ spend is minimized.


Situation Management FrameworkSM


Virtually every role involves some level of individual decision making, problem solving or implementation. At the current speed of business and change, most situations require accurate & timely on-the-fly decisions and solutions.

DPI’s Situation Management FrameworkSM avoids analysis-paralysis, emotional attachments and vested interests by providing a creative, structured process for decision-making, problem solving and planning by: reducing complicated decisions down to simpler steps; seeing how any decisions are arrived at; and planning decision making to meet deadlines.

This ensures that one is right the first time all the time.

Strategic Sustainability Thinking ProcessSM

Whatever your views on Climate Change’s causes and possible dangers, the strategic pressures created by rising environmental concerns and threats of the pledges, commitments, laws and regulations being enacted around the world to curb greenhouse gas emissions and the rising demands by consumers make it an unavoidable input into your strategic processes. The implications, risks and opportunities are simply too large for a CEO to ignore.

There are 4 broad ways in which a business can act in the interest of the environment and create competitive advantage in the process. These are growth opportunities, cost reduction, risk advantage and reputational leverage.

Such strategies that reap big benefits for the people, the planet and the organization as well as finding new revenue streams leveraging and linking with the environment.




Information Technology (IT) and the “Internet of Things” continues to pose one of the most difficult challenges ever faced by today’s CEOs. How to develop an eStrategy to address technology that is not always fully understood by management teams and that changes continuously?

Words like architecture, business continuity, convergence, mobile devices, social media, cloud, integration… create a fear in the hearts of many senior executives in organizations no matter their sophistication or size.

DPI’s eStrategy © Process enables your management team to demystify and understand how IT and the “Internet of things” may affect the strategy and business model of your organization enabling you to create a clear eStrategy.

The goal of the eStrategy © Process is to make you, not IT consultants, the architect of how you use IT and the “Internet of things” through a new blueprint- created by your people- through a new business model that leverages IT as a strategic weapon to execute your strategy.

Strategic Information ManagementSM

In today’s fast paced knowledge economy and big data, access to and the use of the right information can create significant competitive advantage. Organizations need to make the right decisions at the right time as quickly and accurately as possible. To accomplish this feat, the right information has to be available in the right format to the right users.

How an organization interacts with information and how it aids decision making is dependent on the infrastructure used to collect, manage and preserve information; the guiding principles on how the right information is made available to right people at the right speed; the organizational and social contexts in which information is made available.

DPI’s Strategic Information ManagementSM process is centred on an understanding of the strategic information and ongoing operational data required to drive strategic decisions for total business growth.