Franchise Opportunity – Africa


Decision Processes International – Africa (DPI), is a boutique management consulting organisation, operating in the field of critical thinking and strategic business decisions.  It is a member of the DPI World Wide Group

DPI believes that effective critical thinking is essential to the survival and growth of every enterprise.  Through our extensive market expertise, experience and international affiliations, we work collaboratively with clients and their people, to provide critical thinking technologies.  These are related to corporate strategy, disruption, product / service innovation, business/operating model innovation, strategic business process improvement, strategic sustainability thinking, and situation management (critical problem solving & decision making)

DPI engage clients with a needs driven process, that is Pure and Simple.  This enables DPI to engage management at any level, leveraging their expert facilitation skills to bring Structure, Discipline, Rigor and Focus to the project and the Critical Thinking Discussions.

This approach assists the people in the organisation to challenge their attitudes, behaviours, beliefs, norms and practices thereby instilling the transfer of both internal and external knowledge.  This enables better decision making along all the key decision making steps within the project as well as thereafter.  This unleashes their client organisations and their people (both for profit and non-profit) to drive growth exponentially and stay relevant in their chosen industries and/or mandates

By engaging the people in the business through their thinking processes they teach them how to think critically, create options for response to any situation and make the best balanced choices for execution


DPI Africa’s strategy is to expand into Africa and is looking for entrepreneurs or organisations that have an extensive network of clients who are looking to expand their current offering in a specific country in Africa.

The organisation / entrepreneur will invest in the business and obtain the franchise rights (technology use) for the specific country, join the DPI Worldwide team and receive all the training and support to get their business off the ground.


If you are interested to find out more about franchise opportunities available in Africa and how DPI World-Wide operates, please contact Greg Carolin, Managing Partner at