Dakar Rally vs Business Strategic Thinking, Planning & Execution

Hennie De Klerk

CEO at TreasuryOne

Hennie, a South African privateer ended up as the rookie winner of the 2018 Dakar.  He joins us to discuss how Strategising, preparing for and executing the Dakar race is the same journey in Corporate / Business Strategy.  He will give you the reasons for entering and participating in the most gruelling off-road challenge in the world. He will also relate how he ensured that TreasuryONE continued seamlessly for nearly two months while he participated in the Dakar, though a passionate team who all understand and believe in the TreasuryONE strategy.

What is in it for you?

  • Why it is important to have passions and goals outside of business but at the same time have passions and goals in the business  making sure that they complement each other.
  • How to manage your risks before, during and after the Dakar, mirror those within the business.
  • Lessons learned from the Dakar that I take back to the office.

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15 March, 2017

07H00 to 07H45: Networking

07H45 to 08H15: Breakfast (30 min)

08H15 to 10H00: Forum Session


Topic: Dakar Rally vs Business Strategic Thinking, Planning & Execution

Speaker: Hennie De Klerk – CEO at TreasuryOne

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CEO, Hennie de Klerk founded TreasuryOne (www.treasuryone.co.za) in June 2000. 


Hennie has more than 20 years’ experience in the field of international treasury services and treasury technology.   He takes a hands‐on approach both with clients and the TreasuryOne management team, helping to ensure the sustained delivery of world class solutions and services. Hennie has built the company on his commitment to unlock financial value, and to become a primary business asset for TreasuryOne’s clients.


Hennie is a regular expert speaker at treasury conferences, and is the author of numerous articles about different aspects of international treasury management.

Hennie was twice runner up in the ‘Young Entrepreneurs in South Africa’ award.

Apart from his passion for treasury, Hennie is an avid track and off-road racing driver, and currently competes in the Donaldson Cross Country Championship, winning the Toyota Kalahari Botswana 1000 Desert Race in June 2017 (prize = entry into the Dakar 2018 Rally), as well as not only finishing the gruelling race, but ending 28th out of 105 starters and the title of Rookie Winner

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