In January we debated the issue of challenging the way your organisation thinks, specifically your executive and senior management.

We see a number of admired organisations floundering as a result of incorrect decisions not supporting their strategy.  The January Forum members agreed that it is time to “Eliminate Old Thinking” and challenging your business with new thought-provoking thinking approaches.

At the second event for 2019…which is not to be missed, we build on this theme of removing the obstacles to critical thinking in your business.

Topic: Be the “Alexander the Great” of your industry

28th of March from 7am-10am at the Bryanston Country Club

Frustrated that your organisation has not been winning over the last five years, you need to ask yourself, “What are you going too differently in the next five years” to be able to generate new revenue streams and gain market share?  How can you operate for 15 years and never lose a battle?

You need to debate with your peers attending the forum:

  • What took “Alexander the Great” to the next level – a world conquering leader?
  • What lessons can we learn from “Alexander the Great” that we are not applying to our organisation?
  • What other lessons can you learn from your peers that they are doing either leading to their success or their downfall

What’s happening in the world of marketing in 2019?

Tony Sham is curious about how the world of marketing works. The world of marketing in 2019 has changed irrevocably from the science we learnt years ago.

Many of the paradigms we took for granted in the past have been disrupted never to return.

The future is not what it used to be!

Let’s find out together how Alexander became great and Marketing is disrupting markets!

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