We specialize in helping growth-oriented companies worldwide rapidly deploy new revenues streams.  This allows them not only to boost their profits, but to do so in a way that also strengthens their stability through diversification.  We also help companies to detect, insulate and dominate their competition, especially the stealthy ones that they don’t even exist yet.  Essentially, we can add 10 to 20 years of additional life to any company.

We are able to assist you to liberate and strengthen critical thinking within your organization, as never before, by the application of our world renowned Critical Thinking Processes, as used in corporate war rooms throughout the world, that provide an exact road map for future growth and sustainable profitability.

If you feel that your company is just about “consulted out” our unique approach is what you need!  Our processes differ dramatically from standard consulting.  We believe the answers to the achievement of sustainable growth is in the heads of a company’s executive team.  We are able to and will download those heads to access that invaluable inherent knowledge.

Innovative ideas for competitive advantage already exist in the heads of your people.  They are in-touch with the down-stream issues that drive profits and losses.  They bring their practical, technical and industry expertise.  The CEO brings wisdom, perspective, and depth of experience.  We bring a focused approach – embracing a structured formal process – to enable the CEO and his team to craft the right strategy and response, within a short time frame that is fully owned by the executive team and not by us (the consultants).