Strategic Management

STRATEGY – What can CEOs learn from Thatcher’s STRATEGIC CLARITY

When it comes to a turnaround strategy few people pushed the boundaries of change like Margaret Thatcher. With uncompromising leadership she led the British parliament through a systematic, decisive reversal […]

The “Da Vinci Future Thinking Code” Unravelled! Unlock the secrets of your future…

Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, some people wonder what has happened!  Which category do you fall into? Were you part of the group of Business Leaders that were waiting for the elections to happen?  Did […]

Alexander the Great and the world of Marketing…

In January we debated the issue of challenging the way your organisation thinks, specifically your executive and senior management. We see a number of admired organisations floundering as a result of incorrect decisions not supporting their strategy.  The January Forum […]

It is time for Radical Change!

Rub out your old ways of thinking and doing! Do you feel under stress as the CEO?  Do you really think your strategy implementation plans are going to be executed better that before?  Are you tired of the same approach […]

Book now! Dakar rookie winner tells it all!

  Dakar Rally vs Business Strategic Thinking, Planning & Execution Hennie De Klerk CEO at TreasuryOne Hennie, a South African privateer ended up as the rookie winner of the 2018 Dakar.  He joins us to discuss how Strategising, preparing for […]

The benefits of “team” decisions versus “manager” decisions

Strategic management is a dynamic process that encompasses all facets of business. Effective decision making and strategic thinking are required to determine which steps need to be taken to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and must be flexible […]