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Who is Decision Processes International?

We are part of an international consulting organisation started in 1978 by our retired President Michel Robert.  We focus on critical thinking processes that help businesses make critical decisions, which unlocks and deploys new revenue streams.

Why is critical thinking important for any organisation?

Critical thinking is important for all businesses, regardless of size.  All businesses need to unlock new thinking, as well as to add value through the development of growth strategies to implement in their chosen markets.  Chief Executives are responsible for the future of their organisations and need to unlock strategic growth.  They cannot do it alone, they need their people’s support and buy-in with regard to the strategy and it’s implementation.

Why is DPI different to other consultants?

Our entire business model is based on the principle that we do not tell organisations what to do and how to do it, but we bring a thinking process to the project and facilitate the process. The process and our facilitation questions ask what businesses may not want to discuss or questions they did not think about asking.  With this approach, we unlock belief, buy-in and commitment for the  future strategy being developed, helping to make the Chief Executives’ life less stressful, as well as addressing the strategic terrorists in the business (people who always say that the belief and support is there, but by their actions on a daily basis are disrupting the business and not supporting it), so that they are more effective in the future strategies and the business can get faster traction with implementation.

Why is this approach more effective?

This approach is more effective because for the last 40 years in global markets and 24 years in South Africa, we have seen that winning strategies always deliver sustainable and exceptional growth … but those winning strategies already exist in the minds of the people in the organisation.  In our book “Leadership Pure and Simple” (click here to download the first chapter for free) we describe the leadership skills that can teach people how to be better strategists and then help mentor others.  It’s a process of thinking like a strategist, so the business strategy must be extracted with a pure and simple process that is accepted and understandable by everyone.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are any businesses, from entrepreneurs; small, medium and large, to global organizations such as Robert Bosch, 3M, Kimberly Clark, Willis Towers Watson, no matter what industry or geographical location.  Visit our homepage to see what types of organisations we work with.  To us it is simple; if you need to grow, either through a new product, or attract new clients or market segments or expand to new geographies, then it’s important to think differently about how you can do that.  The old way of thinking is no longer applicable.  You must challenge your people to think differently and creatively, to design and implement the winning strategy.

How can organisations make contact or arrange a meeting with you?

We have a Strategic Thinking Leadership Forum (STLF), which we offer to Gauteng at the Bryanston Country Club and in Cape Town at the Lagoon Beach Hotel in Milnerton, bi-monthly.

For more information about what happens at our forum and who attends, read What is the STLF?

Our next breakfast is Thursday, November 15 in Gauteng, where we will talk about the Disruptor Business Model and how any business can think like a disruptor and determine a new transformational strategy for the future.  If any company wants to attend, they can contact Oriël at or 011 706 8118 before Monday afternoon, 12 November 2018, 17H00 so we can confirm your reservation.  For more details visit our blog, where you can also register directly before 5pm on Monday, November 12, 2018.

Take advantage of our FREE offer:

We offer viewers who contact us after the program, a free overview of our services and our Strategic Thinking process, which will craft and put in place a winning strategy, which always provides sustainable and exceptional growth.  The overview showcases our process, which is pure and simple, how it gets the strategy out of the minds of the people in the organisation and unlocks the belief, buy-in and commitment of your team.

Businesses wanting to unlock new revenue streams and want to grow their profit pools can start by booking this free review, by clicking HERE, and leaving your details so that Oriel can contact you the next business day to arrange an appointment.


We look forward to helping you grow!


The DPI Africa team