De-Blinker Your Thinking

Chaos, Complexity, unknown-unknowns

How to spot and prepare for industry-altering trends


Why it is crucial for business executives 

Getting a clearer understanding of:

  • Change is difficult vs NOT changing is FATAL
  • Change is not coming… it is already here
  • Your ability to differentiate between change signals and noise in your industry

What is in it for you? 

A future thinking process helps executives:

  • Understand how a how-to-tool can demystify the future, practically
  • Understand how to de-blinker thinking and identify change implications that will derail your business
  • Develop clear appropriate strategic responses to changing trends
  • How to stay ahead of the competition and become the rainmaker and innovator in your industry/sandbox
  • To think probabilistically –stupid decisions in business, as in medicine, based on wrong predictions kill profits or growth


  • Your industries train driving change has left the station, but it’s not clear where it will end.  It is important to be able to predict where it is going, if we are to use it (jump onboard) along the way
  • Some of the chaotic future that is impacting business include the following:
    • Technological singularity (technology evolution)
    • Transhumanism
    • Geopolitical shifts & hegemony
    • Bioterrorism & cyber warfare
    • Resource competition



20 September, 2018

07H00 to 07H45: Networking

07H45 to 08H15: Breakfast (30 min)

08H15 to 10H00: Forum Session

 Bryanston Country Club


Topic: Disruptive Change 

Speaker: Greg Carolin



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As you are aware, the STLF doesn’t seek to earn profits from this event. The cost for your breakfast will be R400 for normal breakfasts and R650 for Halaal and Kosher breakfasts. 

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About Greg Carolin

Co-author of the bestselling book, “Leadership, Pure & Simple” published by McGraw-Hill and supported by an MBA from Hull University. Greg has been involved with all the facets of DPI’s Critical Thinking technologies. He stands tall among the leading South African strategic thinkers.

Greg has headed projects with leading South African and International companies, across a broad segment of industries for the last ten years. Specifically, he has worked in financial services, agricultural, automotive, construction, engineering, healthcare, IT, manufacturing, distribution, NGO and public sector companies including Government Departments.

Greg joined DPI in 2000, following a 17 –year career at FNB that culminated in his appointment as Head of Strategy of the First Rand Property Division. Greg was part of the executive team credited with the turnaround in the fortunes of the Property Division, from massive losses to substantial profits.


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