If you feel that your company is just about “consulted out” then our approach would suit you. Our process differs dramatically from standard strategic consulting. We believe the answers to achieve sustainable growth are available to you through the inherent knowledge of your key executives; it already exists in the heads of your people. They are in-touch with the down-stream issues that drive profits… and losses. They bring to the strategic process their industry expertise and business issues.

We bring a focussed approach – a formal process – to enable you to craft the right strategy, within a short time frame of 3-5 days. And it’s your strategy, not ours.

The results? Agreement and focus on a future-changing strategy. And total commitment to implementation.

Our client says it best. When it comes to driving future growth, “it all comes down to getting agreement on the Driving Force, and the Business Concept, so that you can develop the Critical Issues from there. It’s very straightforward. You’ve just got to… do it with a facilitator who has the experience to force you through these questions and keep the process on track. Then, once you’ve gotten down to the Critical Issues, give people the tools to make the right decisions and get things done. If you’re going to tackle complex issues, you’ve got to embed these concepts in your company’s culture,”
Neil McDonough, CEO FLEXcon Spencer.
Ref: The New Strategic Thinking, pg 181.