Stealth (disruptive) Strategy

The “Da Vinci Future Thinking Code” Unravelled! Unlock the secrets of your future…

Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, some people wonder what has happened!  Which category do you fall into? Were you part of the group of Business Leaders that were waiting for the elections to happen?  Did […]

It is time for Radical Change!

Rub out your old ways of thinking and doing! Do you feel under stress as the CEO?  Do you really think your strategy implementation plans are going to be executed better that before?  Are you tired of the same approach […]

Stealth Competition in the UK Grocery Sector

We believe that every robust strategy process must look beyond the conventional competitive environment and look at what may disrupt your business arena. DPI has named this competitive force the Stealth Competitor. The Stealth Competitor – or disrupter – has […]